Thank you very much!

    It looks like we made money this year due to the extra donations we received, so thank you so much! Without your continued support, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

    Can you believe that the next outing in 2007 will be our 10 th anniversary? I personally can’t believe that we have continued this outing for 10 years, and my dad has been gone that long.

   Anyway, we have posted the scores and pictures from the 2006 outing, so please enjoy.

   Also, we have confirmed the outing date for 2007 with the golf course. So, open up your calendars, get out the permanent marker and make sure that you don’t set anything to conflict with the date!

  May 18, 2007 – Rolling Greens Golf Club.

  Please look for follow-up emails letting you know when you can register for the outing!

In the meantime, get your balls out, practice your strokes, and enjoy the rest of the golf year!
And again, thank you for your support


 Sincerely, Kris Krogstad                                               
    On behalf of the Krogstad / Dias Families           

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